Welcome to SCDRA’s official website. We are excited and very proud to bring another form of racing to the city of Swift Current. After seeing how many fans of racing turned up at our first race we believe that drag racing will be here for a long time to come. We would like to thank both our sponsors and the racing fans for their support and in return we will strive to make our events more and more exciting for you. We would also like to thank the city of Swift Current for letting us occupy the airport several times over the summer because without that stretch of asphalt this would not be possible.
On this site we will keep you posted with all race dates, photos, contacts and links to all sorts of racing related sites. We encourage you to help us build our club with some of your ideas you think we could benefit from or just let us know how we are doing. All information found on this site regarding dates and ticket prices will be current however are subject to change without notice so check back often.