Driver’s Meeting

The SCDRA members and volunteers would like to welcome all who come out to support Drag Racing in Swift Current,
  • No overnight camping allowed within the fenced area of the airport. Space is available south of the main entrance gate for any overnight camping.
  • Speed limit in pit area is 20 km/hour
  • Any unlicensed drivers in golf carts or ATV’s in pit area must be supervised.
  • It is very important to stay off the seeded crop adjacent to the asphalt in the West pit stalls.
  • Please clean up after yourselves – leave your pit spot and/or the spectator area at least as clean as you found it. Garbage can be placed in the cans provided.
  • If you must smoke, please be aware of your surroundings. The property is dry, and very susceptible to fire.
  • Announcements will be made over the P.A. system, as well as 100.1 FM. Please pay attention so you can come to the staging lanes promptly when your class is called.
  • Please remain in your pit until your class is called.
  • Competition vehicles must have large, legible numbers/letters for class designation, car number, and dial ins on the front, and LH side.
  • Absolutely no burnouts ANYWHERE on the property, except the burnout box. We are using a functioning airport and are responsible for keeping any markings up to airport standards.
  • Please remain with your car while it’s in the staging lanes.
  • While in the staging lanes, please leave space open for a traffic lane in and out for emergency vehicles.
  • The order for the classes will be Sportsman, Jr dragster, Jr street, Pro, Super Pro, and Heads up
  • Car wrangler will wave competitors into burnout box. DO NOT start your burnout until instructed by the starter
  • Dial-ins will be on display boards. Check to make sure your dial in is correct before pulling into pre-stage beam. Once you pull into the beams, you’ve accepted the race.
  • Practice gentleman staging- meaning: if both lanes pre-stage bulbs are not yet lit, please don’t pull forward into the staged beams until both pre-stage bulbs are lit.
  • Please allow competitor in the left hand lane to exit on to the return road 1st whenever possible.
  • If you experience mechanical issues while on the track, please pull out of the groove towards the cones, but DO NOT drive past the cones. we have delicate wiring down the outside of each lane that cannot tolerate being driven over.
  • Time slips are available at the motorhome’s timing table. Please enter the line for your slips at the south end of the table, and exit through the north side.
  • Any new drivers to our facility are encouraged to ask any SCDRA member any questions they have about the facility, or any procedures.
  • We will typically have a minimum of 2 time trials for each class – please be ready when your class is called.
  • 1st round eliminations will be random pairings, 2nd round will have ladders posted beside the timing table. Please don’t loiter around the bulletin board longer than necessary – take a photo of the ladder if needed.
  • On Saturdays only we will have a 1st round losers buy in race. This will be separate from your class’s main race.
  • There will be lots of time for test n’ tune runs.
  • Concessions will be available on site to purchase hot food and drinks etc.